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What to Expect from Hypnosis and WOW! Hypnobirthing

Antenatal Classes

If you have never used hypnosis before then you might have some concerns or questions about what it is and how it works. This page aims to put your mind at rest. If you find you still have questions please contact us.


First of all, hypnosis does not mean that you

a) lose control of your body or your mind, or

b) that you will behave in a way that is "not you".


In fact, if you are worried about losing control in labour, hypnobirthing can help you to feel IN control, rather than out of it!


Therapeutic hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, is simply a form of deep relaxation similar to daydreaming, where you may remain aware of background noises and from which you will rouse quickly at any time if, for example, there were an emergency.


While you are enjoying feeling deeply relaxed your busy thinking brain will slow down, allowing other parts of your brain to become more available to receive positive, helpful, affirming messages to help you believe and feel things differently. This, in turn, helps you to do things differently when it counts. Your mind keeps you safe, so if you don't want to accept or act on what you hear, then you won't. Repetition is important: the more times you listen, the more effective the process becomes. (This is why we give you downloads.)


When you are pregnant, hearing positive suggestions during hypnosis will help the parts of you that are looking forward to the birth remain excited and looking forward to it. The particularly brilliant bit is that it will help you to replace any anxious, fearful or negative feelings with more positive, beneficial ones. Whilst in hypnosis (a deeply relaxed state) your brain accepts helpful suggestions that set up a positive behaviour response pattern in advance of labour. This means that when the time comes, you are more likely to relax, breathe effectively and cope better. which has huge benefits for you, your baby and your birth partner. Fear and tension produce adrenaline, which gets in the way of your natural birthing hormones and can slow labour down, make it more difficult to deal with and possibly even put it off starting naturally. When you feel calm, confident and in control you breathe more effectively, your labour hormones work better and you and your baby remain more healthy and comfortable. You might find that you can cope so well that you don't need any medication for pain.


But in our WOW! Hypnobirthing classes it's not all about lying around and relaxing!


We'll include chunks of explaining, helping you understand what happens in labour and birth, and we'll provide rationale for everything we ask you to do. There's time for discussion and questions. You and your birth partner will try things out for yourselves and adapt them to make them right for you. You won't have to learn to use (or avoid) any special or particular language: we call a contraction a contraction. You'll move around, try out birth positions and learn massage techniques, building trust in your body and your instincts. You will learn short-cuts to self-hypnosis so it's effective when you need it, not in 20 minutes' time. Birth partners will learn what to do and when and how to do it. At the end of the whole course you'll produce your own dynamic birth "action plan" including what's most important to the two of you, as well as a list of easy things to keep practising between then and "labour day". We will help you work together as a confident and skilled team.


This is a complete antenatal course in two days where you plan for a confident, manageable birth, however and wherever your baby is born.


Still need more convincing? Have a look at these birth stories to see how our WOW! Hypnobirthing courses helped ordinary women feel extraordinary.


Hypnobirthing can benefit you, your baby and even your birth partner, however your labour unfolds.


If you still have questions, please do feel free to contact us.

Course content

"Zana was very knowledgeable and welcoming. She put my mind at ease right from the start."   Amy


"A very good course, definitely better than I expected, very practical, useful content."   Graeme - Amy's husband

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