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"What the heck is all this hypno-wotsit anyway?"

What is it?   A 2-hour workshop for pregnant women and their birth partners to help you consider how to have a better birth using hypnobirthing


Where?   New Forest Birth Centre, Ashurst, SO40 7AR


When?   Sunday 16 February 2020, 10.30am - 12.30pm


How?   Booking via Eventbrite  Click here to book now!


If you book this workshop and then decide to take our 2-day complete and comprehenisve hypobirthing antenatal course, we will give back your £20

If you've maybe heard of hypnobirthing and ever wondered "What the heck is all this hypno-wotsit anyway?" this is your chance to find out more.


Some of the workshop will be practical so you will need at least a couple of pillows each and maybe a light blanket. This includes birth partners.

This workshop has now happened. Sorry if you were interested but missed it. If you wish you could have been there, please contact us. If there's enough interest we will run this workshop again to give you a low-risk opportunity to find out more about hypnobirthing before you commit to a 2-day course!


This 2-hour workshop was really well-received when we ran it for the first time. Clients said they now had...


"Better understanding of what it [hypnobirthing] is and the science behind it" (Dad-to-be)

"A positive view of hypnobirthing" (Dad-to-be)

"Useful tool to help partner - didn't know about it at all before" (Dad-to-be)

"I was already pro-hypnobirthing as it is important for me to have a calm and relaxed environment - this has just encouraged this!" (Mum-to-be)


Partcipants liked...


"Practical tips to use during birth. Combination of mind and body focus" (Mum-to-be)

"Practical ideas for relaxation and massage" (Dad-to-be)

"Feel more confident about how I can help during labour (Dad-to-be)

"The hands-on, practical nature of the work. Zana and Barbara were very open, approachable and honest and I really like the focus on how the husband can help. Really great session! Really helped me understand how I can help my partner and myself throughout the process" (Dad-to-be)