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My Qualifications

My relevant qualifications are as follows:


1998   NCT Licence to Practise as Antenatal Teacher (3 yrs training course, now Foundation Degree, level 5)

2005   NCT Advanced Teacher qualification (renamed now as Excellent Practitioner)

2007   ABC Certificate in Counselling Skills, Eastleigh College (level 3)

2010   Dip HE Counselling (Distinction), Eastleigh College, awarded by University of Winchester (level 5)

2010   Dip HE Antenatal Teaching, University of Bedfordshire (level 5)

2012   Natal Hypnotherapy Hypnosis for Childbirth, hypnobirthing teaching course accredited by Royal College of Midwives

Full day study days attended:


1998   Running Birth Preparation Days (NCT)

1998   NCT Teachers' Forum

1999   Homebirth: Special Delivery (Chichester Medical Education Centre)

1999   Obstetric Emergencies in the Community Setting (Wessex Midwives)

2000   Care of the Labouring Woman and Management of Labour (NCT)

2001   Reflective Practice (NCT)

2001   High Risk Pregnancy and Babies in Special Care (NCT)

2001   Introduction to Research (NCT)

2001   NCT Teachers' Forum

2002   NCT Teachers' Forum

2003   Passion for Birth (NCT)

2003   Open Tutorial: Postnatal Teaching Activities (NCT)

2003   NCT Teachers' Forum

2003   New Directions in Parent Education (RCM)

2004   Thinking about Becoming an Advanced Teacher (NCT)

2004   Obstetric Update for Experienced Teachers (NCT)

2005   Education for Childbirth (NCT)

2005   Preparing for Birth 2-day conference (ACE)

2005   Meeting Parents' Needs (NCT)

2006   NCT 50th Annual Conference

2006   Advanced Teachers' Update Day (NCT)

2007   Open Tutorial: Reflective Practice (NCT)

2008   Hypnosis and Relaxation (NCT)

2009   Open Tutorial: Teaching Intentions (NCT)

2009   Advanced Teachers' Update Day (NCT)

2009   Midwifery and Obstetric Update Day for Experienced Teachers (NCT)

2010   Food For Thought; Making Sense of Eating Disorders (HACP)

2010   The "Red Tent" Feel (NCT)


2011   Come Fishing; Working with Experimental Interventions (HACP)

2011   Open Tutorial: Teaching Activities (NCT)

2011   Waterbirth Unplugged (NCT)

2012   Drugs in Labour (NCT)

2012   Preparation for Teaching for Birth and Beyond Classes (NCT)

2012   Hypnosis During Pregnancy and Birth (Royal Society of Medicine)

2012   Homebirth Matters (Dorset Homebith Group)

2012   Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner update day

2013   Midwifery and Obstetric Update Day for Experienced Teachers (NCT)

2013   Postnatal "step-up" day for qualified practitioners (NCT)

2013   Eating Disorders as part of more complicated presentation (Wings)

2013   Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner update day

2014   Breastfeeding Knowledge for non-Breastfeeding Counsellors (NCT)

2014   Attachment Styles between Therapist and Client (Wings)

2014   Layered Learning (NCT)

2014   Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner Update days

2014   Natal Hypnotherapy study day for NHS midwives

2014   When Therapy Feels Stuck... (Wings: Dr Annie Nehmad)

2014   Teaching Physical Skills (NCT)

2015   Postnatal Depression (NCT)

2015   Perinatal Mental Health conference (NHS)

2015   The 4th Trimester (NCT)

2015   Let's Make Normal Birth a Reality (RCM)

2015   Attachment Theory with Sir John Bowlby (HACP)

2015   Open Tutorial (NCT)

2016   NICE Intrapartum Care Guidelines update (NHS/NICE)

2016   Midwifery and Obstetric Update day (NCT)

2017   Babies In Mind (FutureLearn online)

2017   Twins and Multiples (NCT)

2018   Facilitation Skills (NCT)

2018   Movement Psychotherapy (HACP)

2018   Ethical Practice (NCS)

2018   Rewind Technique (Tom Buckland CPD)

2019   Physical skills for birth (NCT)

Shorter CPD sessions/talks attended:


2010   Family Systems; A Psychodrama

2010   Looking at Shadows through the Lens of

           the Archetypes (HACP)

2010   Dealing with Stress Through the Breath


2011   Working with Endings (HACP)

2011   Art Therapy (HACP)

2011   Eco Psychology (HACP)

2012   Changes for Me & Us (NCT online)

2015   Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy


2017   Lost Wisdom of Childbearing Years in

          Counselling Room (HACP)

2017   Intro to Family Therapy & Dynamics


2017   Pre-eclampsia (APEC E-Learning)

2018   The Infant Microbiome (Microbirth School)