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Hypnobirthing Downloads

Meeting online rather than in person has to remain an option for now. We will consider in-person meetings too, but online is still on the agenda. One advantage, of course, is that we can still work with you even if you live far away from us!


You might be sick to death of online meetings by now and really, REALLY just want to meet in the same room, for real! However, if we decide together that despite our preferences, online is the best way forward, don't worry! Zana has facilitated several private online classes now that have been well-received and where clients have almost forgotten there's a screen between us. Even all-day sessions have had feedback indicating how fast the time has gone by and how it was so easy to engage with. By including a variety of approaches, an online meeting doesn't have to feel like one!


If, however, an online course doesn't appeal to you, or if you want to supplement a private antenatal class with something extra, or even if you don't want to interact in a course at all, Zana has made her studio-recorded hypnobirthing audio downloads available to buy separately. (If you take our WOW! Hypnobirthing course all the recordings are included, as well as an extra one specifically for birth partners.)


We can't run our pregnancy relaxaton hour at the New Forest Birth Centre at the moment so these downloads will give you a taste of hypnobirthing and prepare your mind and body for a more calm, confident and manageable birth. With these audio downloads you can still benefit from some calming, relaxing time connecting with your baby, whilst also preparing yourself for birth.  


Each of the downloads has a different aim but all will help you feel calmer  now, as well as help you prepare positively for birth. The infographic on this page tells you a little about each one.


Zana is selling access to her hypnobirthing downloads for £10 each, or if you buy 3 (Pregnancy Relaxation, Releasing Fears & Worries, Birth Rehearsal or Caesarean Birth) then the background music track will be included for free.


If you'd like to ask anything or if you'd like to buy one or more downloads, please email [email protected]

Using your downloads PNG

Zana also has a huge number of information sheets that she's created herself or collated from other sources, relating to pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent. If there's anything at all that you want to ask about, please do, because she may be able to help.


We're always happy to send the odd info sheet out (no charge!) or answer any questions you might have to the best of our ability so please, just ask!