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We can still help you feel better about birth, even during a crisis...

Hello, it's Zana (website and Birthing with Confidence owner) here. Today it's 8th April 2020.

I wanted to add a few updates and say that I and my colleague, Barbara, are still here for you! Our mission remains the same - to help you feel better about birth. We want to help you prepare for the most positive birth experience possible, wherever and however it happens on the day.


We understand that being pregnant right now may not feel easy. Even before the pandemic began you might have had occasional (or even frequent) worries about the process of giving birth and becoming a parent. Now - well, it doesn't need saying, does it? There are so many additional emotions in the air and at times they can feel pretty difficult to manage.


Humans need to feel safe in order to thrive and survive. It's a basic need. Mammals (and that includes pregnant women) need to feel safe in order to labour well. It's an ancient and instinctive mechanism, which is actually designed really well so that babies are born into a safe environment and have the best chance of a long, healthy life. Right now, more than ever, we need to be able to find sanctuary. We need to be able to look for and appreciate moments, places, feelings of safety and harmony - even more so when pregnant and certainly during labour and birth. We can't change what's happening in the world (although we can do our part by staying at home as much as possible) but we can change how we react to it.


We know it's not always easy to feel strong and positive, but that's why Barbara and I are here. We can help you to reframe things, refocus, put your energy into what you can control and let go of what you can't. We can help you work out ways to give yourself a break, to find some sanctuary from the stress and worry. Your baby is still going to be born and we want to help you have the most positive birth experience possible.


Zana and Barbara can still work privately with you, but online rather than in person. We will not run groups, but focus on private 1-1 sessions, so you will be able to learn lots, ask questions, work out what you can do to help yourself, receive information and support just the same as if we were in your home in person. You will still have the same access to our professionalism and our many years of experience.


Zana is still offering her private tailored antenatal sessions of two, three or four hours to suit you, except they will be online. These come with a comprehensive info pack. Click here to go to the relevant page.


Barbara and Zana are still offering private 1-1 hypnobirthing courses either in one day, or spread across two sessions. You still get all the downloads included and we can still give plenty of guidance around practising and using physical skills. The only difference is that we'll be in your home via a screen, rather than in person. Go here to start with and from here you can click through to further pages of info.


If face-to-face via a screen doesn't suit you, Zana is selling her hypnobirthing downloads separately (usually only available as part of a hypnobirthing course). More info is on this page here.


If you have any questions, go to the Contact page and please feel free to get in touch.


Extra Information


The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) issued some FAQs for pregnant women and their partners which they have been regularly updating. Click here to go to the RCOG website information.


In addition, RCOG and RCM (Royal College of Midwives) issued a joint statement acknowledging the benefits of a labouring woman having a birth partner with her. Therefore all women should be able to have one birth partner with them while they're in established labour, as long as that birth partner shows no symptoms of Covid-19. Generally birth partners need to stay in the room and won't be able to wander around, so do make sure you've packed plenty of food and drink supplies. If women agree to induction of labour for any reason, it is unlikely that they will be able to have a birth partner with them until they are in established labour and are moved into a birth room (so when they're no longer on a ward).