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Welcome to my blog


Here are some of my personal thoughts, feelings and reactions to various things in the world of birth. Some things wind me up, some things make me feel sad, and some things make me want to jump for joy.

By Zana Parker, Sep 9 2017 02:26PM

Ok, my hand’s up. I admit it. I’m an NCT Antenatal Teacher (amongst other things) and this blog concerns something that’s been building up over years and that I feel hurt and exasperated by. At the end you’ll have 3 options to choose from.

Recently, after a chilled and joyful weekend away at a music festival, I got home and caught up with social media. Such a mistake! My heart sank, and definitely not for the first time, as yet again I read how NCT antenatal classes are great for making friends but not much else. It seems that NCT teachers are “biased” towards natural birth and “negative” towards intervention. If some women have a difficult birth experience it somehow becomes the fault of the NCT teacher.

Don’t get me wrong; friendships are invaluable, particularly when you’re about to go through a major life transition with a whole set of new challenges. I’m really glad that most couples on NCT courses find a great group of friends who can relate to the same concerns about nappy contents, sore nipples and the effects of sleep deprivation. This truly is a massively important and worthwhile thing. But are you really paying a couple of hundred quid just to make friends? How is it that the educational value of NCT classes is so low on the agenda? Do we study for three years just to help people make friends?